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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ella Turned 3!

My sweet Ella turned three last week. I can't even believe how old she is. She got ballet lessons from her grandma and grandpa, a strider bike from her "Rere and Papa", and ballerina clothes from Mom and Dad for her birthday.

She had a breakfast in bed of raspberry, pink pancakes (with a DELICIOUS homemade brown sugar/butter syrup - I will post the recipe soon) and whip cream with fairy sprinkles.

She got to paint with watercolors, then we went to sign her up for her ballet classes and afterwards she got to go to her Rere and Papa's house to get her new bike!

Later that day we had a little family get-together and ate homemade raviolis (at her request), salad and crostini. She got to open a few more of her presents and then dance around like a ballerina till bed time. I think it was probably the best day of her life.

I love her so much. I love how she treats and cares for her little brother. I am amazed at her grasp on spiritual things. I love how she LOVES to be Mom's little helper. I love how much she delights in the simple things.

Ella teaches me so much everyday and I am sure she will continue to do that for the rest of her life.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shower Baby Shower

A few months ago I helped my mother-in-law plan and decorate for a baby shower. She found this picture off Pinterest of an adorable cloud with little rain drops falling from it and all the food items had something to do with that theme.

Well as I typically do, I super-sized that idea and created this Shower themed baby shower. It was such a fun theme for a baby boy shower.

Here are the clouds we made using tissue paper and filled in the gaps with white balloons. My mother-in-law made the rain drops by cutting out hearts then folding them in half and gluing them upside-down to a length of fishing line. (Be careful that you have a place to keep these flat and separated because they tangle up very easily!)

We made these little poufs out of Styrofoam balls and coffee filters. You just fold the coffee filter in half twice then using a small straight pin, pin it into the ball. Leave a little space at the bottom to place it onto your surface. We used candle sticks to elevate them so they looked like clouds.

I made these cupcakes for the shower in the colors of blue, white, and yellow. They turned out so adorable. The recipe is top-secret because it is my sister's Cupcakery's recipe. Oh they are to DIE for! You will have to head over to her blog and order some right now!

For the food we made my classic Caprese Salad on a stick I used in this blog post (recipe is included). They are always delicious! The other food items served were chips and a spinach, artichoke dip (from Costco), and a green salad.

We also provided a chocolate fountain with all the trimmings. Honestly, chocolate fountains are not my favorite when planning an event. They are a little more work than you really plan for and want. The chocolate fountain worked out fine here as we were mostly ladies (no children) and we could pretty well keep ourselves clean and tidy. If you are wanting a chocolate fountain but recognize that there will be a big mess associated with it, just opt for things like chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate dipped cakes or cookies, and chocolate covered nuts. These will most likely be much cheaper options than a chocolate fountain anyways.

In lieu of a guest book we provided a set of scriptures along with a note that encouraged guests to think of their favorite scripture to help our mom-to-be with her future parenting. Use the markers provided to mark and then write a personal note along side it. The note read: "In lieu of a guest book, please be thinking of a scripture that will help 'Mom-to-Be's name' on her new parenting adventure. Before you leave, mark that scripture in the Book of Mormon provided and feel free to write a little note on the pages or margins next to it. Don't forget to sign your name!"

At first guests seemed a little wary of this idea and had a hard time coming up with a scripture off hand but after a while people started marking and I hope that set of scriptures has become an important resource for the mom-to-be.

When you entered we had this banner hung to greet the guests. I made this custom banner for the mom-to-be. If you are interested in a custom banner like this one, send me an e-mail with the word, your colors, and your overall theme of your party/decor and I will get back to you with a quote. I typically charge $3.00 per letter. You can see the halloween banner I made here.

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