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Princess Party Decorations How-to

Princess Party Decorations Tutorial

princess party diy, Scalloped tablecloth DIY, Tissue paper balls
Lets start from the base up.

We purchased a plastic pink tablecloth from Wal-mart (super cheap) and it came two in a package. We used a plate as a stencil for our scalloped edge. Here are the photo step by step directions:

Items Needed:
- Plastic Tablecloth
- Scissors
- Pencil
- 6" plate (for tracing template)

1: Fold one table cloth in half long ways then fold again matching the short sides together (you are going to be making a scallop on both edges of the long side of the tablecloth).

2: Place your plate on the tablecloth starting at the short side's fold. *Make sure you are tracing the semi-circle on the open edge (not the folded).
princess party diy, Scalloped tablecloth DIY, Tissue paper balls
3. Start your pencil at the plate's midpoint and trace around the bottom of the plate to the other side's midpoint. (You are only making a semi-circle.) Move the plate over and make your next semi-circle. Continue until you reach the other side of your tablecloth and if your plate doesn't allow for a full scallop on the end just trace as much as will allow. Ours was about half way off (we even tried 3 different sized plates to try and make it fit but alas, no...).

princess party diy, Scalloped tablecloth DIY, Tissue paper balls
4. Carefully cut out your scallop - note that the tablecloth is very slippery, it is like cutting satin so just take your time and go slowly if you would like a smooth edge.
princess party diy, Scalloped tablecloth DIY, Tissue paper balls

5. Unfold and place on your table - VOLIA! 
Beautiful and girly tablecloth for CHEAP! 
These tablecloths are a little see-through so we used the uncut tablecloth over the top of this one to create a more solid color. Plus our table was extra wide and we needed the extra width.

princess party diy, Scalloped tablecloth DIY, Tissue paper balls
I am not going to take all the credit on these beauties. I found the tutorial for these coffee filter flowers on Pinterest. The original tutorial is from Aunt Peaches. The giant pom pom flowers are a tutorial from Martha Stewart. Follow the links for the tutorials on how to create these yourself.

We attached the giant pom poms to the ceiling with fishing line and thumb tacks. I also wanted the table to feel like a princess sanctuary so I created the draping effect with 6 yards of tulle from Wal-mart. I would have liked it better if I had doubled that amount to get a greater thickness. I attached the tulle to the ceiling by pushing two thumb tacks through the tulle straight into the ceiling (being sure to center over the table). Next take a long length of fishing line and loop it around the tulle and pull up to desired height. I just hooked it onto the curtain rod behind the table but you could also attach it to the ceiling with a thumb tack if needed. 
Do this on both sides and now you have a royal looking backdrop.

We made the smaller pom poms on the table were made using the same method as the Martha Stewart tutorial we just cut the tissue paper sheets into quarters. They are so tight and fluffly, they were my favorite.

I created these food labels in Photoshop by using the flower shape that comes standard with the program. There is an outline of the same shape and that is what I used to make the pink border. The image size was 4"x4" and the font I used was Albemarle Swash. (Follow the link for the free font!) They turned out so fabulous! I just taped them onto the vessels or boxes. On the ring pop apothecary jar I used a length of ribbon to wrap around the lid and then cross behind the label and tape in place.

Be sure to check out the full post of the Princess Party and come back tomorrow for the details on the food and party games.

 If you need more party inspiration you can click on the Party tab at the top of the blog and see all the parties I have created!

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