Monday, February 20, 2012

Lorax Party

I have been seeing the trailers for the new Lorax movie and it got me excited with all the bright colors and fun animation. I knew a party had to be created!

So here in all its bright and colorful glory is my Lorax party complete with the Lorax, Truffula Trees, Truffula Fruit, Truffula Seeds, Bar-ba-Loots, Marshmallows (the food the bar-ba-loots eat in the movie), Humming Fish, and Gluppity Glup

Here are my Truffula Trees - check back later this week for the how-to.

Bar-ba-Loots and their delicious sweet treats.

Have a bottle of Gluppity Glup or Sloppity Slop!

You can use this party idea for a screening of the movie, a birthday party, a baby shower, Dr. Seuss' Birthday, or even an Earth Day celebration. The options are endless with a theme like this.

Red Grapes represent the Truffula Fruit (as it is shown in the book) and even though in the story the Once-ler only has one Truffula Seed left we happened to stumble across an entire bag and offered those to our guests!

How cute are these mini Lorax guys. I will show how to make these in a post coming up as well!

Of course, I had a little "helper." He loved all the colors and treats too! I am sure that he was thinking, "Mom, why don't you whip out a spread like this for me everyday?!"

The Lorax is all about protecting the trees and our environment so why not get some tree seedlings and use those as party favors or even as part of your parties activity - everyone plant a tree at a local park (with permission) or in your yard. On a smaller scale you could put seedlings in little baggies and give those as favors to be planted later. Something like a Zinnia or a Dahlia seed because they look like the the Truffula Tree.

Because of the book's lesson I tried to include a lot of healthy and environmentally friendly treats. Of course with my limited time and limited budget I wasn't able to get everything organic and eco-friendly but a few other treat ideas are:

Chocolate world globe candies - Available at Whole Foods
Natural Gummy Bears - Available at Whole Foods
Fresh Strawberry Milk or a naturally colored drink

Hopefully you liked this Lorax Party as much as my little guy! I will be posting the recipes and instructions on the Truffula Trees, and the Lorax guy later this week so make sure to check back!

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