Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Lorax Party: How-To

Here are the how-to's on the Lorax treats from the Lorax Party I showed you earlier this week.

With the new Lorax movie coming to theaters soon I thought a little treat in honor of the Truffula Tree was in order. This would be an awesome compliment to any Dr. Seuss themed party or even a fun treat to give your kids before (or after) you take them to see the show.

If you look at those giant puff balls on tiny trunks it made me think of cotton candy! I saw their striped trunks and thought of those awesome striped straws - so BAM! A delicious themed treat was born. 

By using these straws you can create the trunk of the tree then squeeze the back of the cotton candy just a bit so it will stick to the top of the straw you can press the straw into your little ball of fluff on the top and voila! Truffula Trees!

Plus, the straws are eco-friendly and bio-degradable so you are doing the Lorax a favor. Because I couldn't order these straws early enough in advance of this party I just used lollipop sticks and colored them with a food safe marker to look like the trunk of the Truffula Tree.

I would suggest finding someone who can spin fresh cotton candy for you. We got ours from the dollar store and it comes as a big lump of marbleized colors. Luckily it isn't overly difficult to separate the colors and pinch them together but I think fresh cotton candy would look amazingly better and cuter.

Here is our pathetic attempt at spinning our own sugar into cotton candy without using a cotton candy maker. Lets just say, molten lava hot sugar and a decapitated whisk plus the direction to "flick".... I will just say it didn't work out for us.

My mom enjoyed eating the splintered mass anyways! If you really want the directions here is the site where you can get them. Just.... beware!

This little Lorax guy I freehanded onto orange poster board then cut out and darkened his edges with black marker and painted his mustache yellow and his eyes white. I wanted to add little hairs on the top of his head and finish outlining his mustache but I was on a limited time schedule - but I still think he is adorable! You can check out my other Dr. Seuss cardboard creations on this post.

I created my mini, edible Lorax dudes by using mini Nilla Wafers, clementines, toothpicks, and white chocolate.

First melt the white chocolate then place it in a pastry bag or a sandwich bag and snip a tiny hole in the corner. Then place two Nilla Wafers side by side (vertically) and "glue" them together using the white chocolate. Next, make the eyes by slowly squeezing little white dots of the white chocolate, making them slightly oblong. Finally, to make the mustache, peel a clementine and pull it apart in to segments. Using two segments place them to form a mustache and secure them together with a toothpick. Then place a little  more white chocolate just above the middle seam and press the orange into the chocolate to adhere. Allow to sit until the chocolate hardens then serve.

My original concept was to just make the mustaches and put them on wooden skewers so they could be held up to your own face as a mustache but they were too floppy on the skewers so I went with plan B (as outlined above).

You could still serve them as shown below and just let the guests hold them up to their faces with their fingers.

I am hoping to have another really fun Dr. Seuss/P.D. Eastman style party for you in April/May-ish so stay tuned! Until then I will keep trying to think up some clever Dr. Seuss party ideas for you to enjoy.

Also, I have a princess who has asked for a Princess Party for her birthday that is coming up, thus I will have a perfectly pink, princess themed party to show you in the coming weeks.

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