Friday, February 24, 2012

Kitchen Secret Weapons: Ceramic Coated Pans

I was causally flipping through a Bon Appetit magazine one day when I saw what looked like a white dinner plate with a pan handle attached to it. Perplexed by this first glance I read the little blurb about it and was floored!

Some genius out there has developed a ceramic coated sauté pan. Bye-bye Teflon and HELLO CERAMIC. So it's not all that entirely new - Le Cruset has been doing it for years with the fabulous Dutch oven cookware but never have they coated a sauté pan with their goodness.

These pans offer amazing browning skills, a lightweight aluminum core, a SUPER non-stick surface (better than Teflon pans!), and they come in pretty colors! Oh and did I mention that they are CHEAP! Oh yes, we are not talkin Le Cruset prices, no no. I am talkin a 12" sauté pan for $40 (pictured below) and $60 for the deep sauté pan (pictured above).

Not only do they brown better than Teflon pans and provide a plastic free cooking surface, but they are also  free of PFOA, PTFE, Cadmium. The ceramic coating is a water based coating (not plastic or other chemical).

The only downside is that is is not oven save. It also recommends that you only hand wash it (which isn't that much of a downside for me) and with is super non-stick surface it makes that a BREEZE!

Bialetti Aeternum is the manufacturer of this most amazing pan and I must say that the red 12'' saute pan looks fantastic in my black, white, and red kitchen! What an amazing hubby to buy me one for Christmas - on short notice too!

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