Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ella Turned 3!

My sweet Ella turned three last week. I can't even believe how old she is. She got ballet lessons from her grandma and grandpa, a strider bike from her "Rere and Papa", and ballerina clothes from Mom and Dad for her birthday.

She had a breakfast in bed of raspberry, pink pancakes (with a DELICIOUS homemade brown sugar/butter syrup - I will post the recipe soon) and whip cream with fairy sprinkles.

She got to paint with watercolors, then we went to sign her up for her ballet classes and afterwards she got to go to her Rere and Papa's house to get her new bike!

Later that day we had a little family get-together and ate homemade raviolis (at her request), salad and crostini. She got to open a few more of her presents and then dance around like a ballerina till bed time. I think it was probably the best day of her life.

I love her so much. I love how she treats and cares for her little brother. I am amazed at her grasp on spiritual things. I love how she LOVES to be Mom's little helper. I love how much she delights in the simple things.

Ella teaches me so much everyday and I am sure she will continue to do that for the rest of her life.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

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Elgie said...

Ohhhh!!!!! These are so cute! WHAT A DOLL!!!!