Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Overhaul!

Here is the promised post that I said would come! And for all of you coming over from my mom's blog, The Style Sisters, Hello and sorry I left you hanging on this one...

It has been slightly cloudy lately here and so not ideal for taking pictures. But earlier today the light was perfect and my children were sleeping (and my house was CLEAN!) so I snapped a few shots and am now so excited to share these with you!
So I got this couch from a garage sale for $30! I know highway robbery! It was at the end and so they pretty much just wanted me to get rid of it for them. The couch was in very good condition and so there it sat in my living room, untouched for the next year and a half. I had the high hopes of one day reupholstering it so that it would better fit in with my decor but I had two children and very little time left for such an endeavor.

My mom came for a visit earlier this month and one evening while my husband watched the kids we went out for a girls shopping trip (not to buy, just to look...). Well we drove past this $2 fabric store where I live that I had totally forgotten about! My mom saw it and said, "Lets go in and see if they have any fabric to cover your couch with!"
I was hesitant because I didn't have the money to spend on such a project (nor the time, still). Alas we went in and nothing really struck me at first. Then we found this fabulous black denim fabric at only $3.99 a yard!!! We figured out that we only needed 6 yards so basically $24! Seriously, that is it! And truth be told, because it wasn't a patterned fabric we didn't even need that much! We brought it home and washed it (had a little trouble with the correct amount of fabric, the store gave us the wrong bolt with 3 yards when we needed - and paid for - 6 yards!)

The trim was the only thing left to decide on. We looked around and finally came to the conclusion that we would just make our own! At Hobby Lobby we found this adorable white with small black polka dot fabric and some cording and snatched it up!

With my husband to help be the manly one and rip out staples and unscrew really hard screws we went to work disassembling the old to ring in the new!
I had some old white paint laying around that I had picked up at ReStore from Habitat for Humanity so we sanded and then slapped that on the wood (about 4 coats). Then commenced upon the fabric. It all went together fairly well with only a few hitches here and there. We did our best to take as many pictures of the deconstruction process as possible to aid in the ease of reassembly.

We got it all put back together but I still didn't have a sewing machine so we couldn't make the trim. The night that machine did get here though, I whipped the trim together and the next night Peter and I hot glued it on! I must say, it looks FABULOUS!

Once Christmas is over I will be making some cute new pillows to adorn the beauty!

I hope you all like it! Our hands were pretty sore from ripping out the 5 million staples! (ok that might be an exaggeration....)

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My New Workhorse!

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! I was in the middle of a HUGE project (post to come later today regarding that fantastic project!) when my old sewing machine, bit it. Doesn't this always seem to happen right at the most inopportune moments? I had been researching sewing machines for a couple weeks prior to this happening and had come to decide that I just couldn't spend $400 on a new machine so after readjusting my sights I found this little beauty, the Brother CE 5500 PRW Limited Edition. I liked the features and after looking at the step up from this machine (which my mom owns) I realized that I don't quilt and so thus don't need a machine that offers that. So I decided not to pay the extra $40 to have that machine.
I finally found the perfect price on (plus a 2 year warranty!) and it was mine! Here are some goofy pics of me opening the box right after it arrived!

Here is a cute pic of the second project I finished on the machine (like I said above, first project will be posted later today!).
This little piggy is a Christmas present for my little man, Calvin!
I got the pattern from Martha Stewart (you can get the pattern by clicking here.) The project was easy enough, I think I finished the whole thing in about 2 hours. It would have taken less time than that but I had issues with my printer/copier trying to enlarge the pattern image.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bloglight: Givers Log

Hopefully all of you are on the road to getting ready for the impending holiday season but if you needed that extra push to get things started, go check out this gals blog!
I have bookmarked her site because of all the wonderful gift giving and wrapping ideas she has (along with fantastic recipes and other fun little tidbits!)
Her holiday organizer is genius! And she so lovingly shares it with everyone!
This blog has been one of my #1 go-to resources for this holiday season of giving. Hopefully you will find it as useful as I have!
*all photos are from the blog, giverslog.