Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ella's ABC's!


She really has these down well now! She practices them every time we go in the car. She has a little phone that when you press a certain button it sings the ABC's so she sings along and now has it pretty much memorized. WOW @ 19 months old!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recent Complaints...

There have been recent complaints regarding this blog of which have been brought to my attention. Apparently the complainer has deemed that there is not enough pictures/posts regarding my own children. This complainer would have a right to demand such things seeing as he is my children's uncle.

Life just gets so busy when you have two munchkins running around all the time. I feel like I hardly have time to take a breath. It's fun and exciting but all that leaves no time for blogging or really much of anything (including cleaning the house!)

As I sit here now I survey the damage from a days destruction and think, will my house ever be clean again? Perhaps not, but nonetheless, I am happy with the cause of the destruction.

One thing to be greatful for is that while we were out of town visiting some family, a wonderful little fairy (who has been staying with us off and on for a few weeks now) whipped the house back into beautiful shape, better than it has seen in months! This sweet fairy also left little love notes around the house saying things like, "Auntie 'Abolie' loves you so much Ella!" and "Love you Cal-man!" and other such sayings. What a fantastic surprise to come home to!

Anyways, to satisfy the demands of the complainer here are some pictures of the Cal and a few notes regarding them.
I will start with this one, I almost fear this picture because it seeims as though Calvin is living up a little too well to whom Peter claims is his name-sake, Calvin and Hobbes (I would completely argue with Peter in that we did not name him after the cartoon but that is another story...)The rest of these are just my adorable little man. He just warms my heart with cuteness!
Hopefully this qualifies as a post that meets the standards of the complainer (as I have so lovingly deemed him...) I will get some of Ella up here soon, probably some video of her hilarious jibber jabber that is never ending!

Bloglight: Ohdeedoh

When I was pregnant with our first, I really wanted to make her nursery something to learn, grow, and enjoy! I had some vauge ideas in my head like, "I know babies are very attracted to black and white images and it allows them to learn best when they are tiny", and "I would like to semi stick with the turquoise, red, black, and white theme that runs through out my house", and "I LOVE the idea of bright colors mainly primary colors in a child's room as it seems to lend itself to learning!".
All these ideas but no where to really channel them or get some solid inspiration. Until I happened upon this site! Ohdeedoh (don't ask me how you pronounce that...) provided me just the inspiration I was looking for. It was real people featuring real nurseries! Not the completely unrealistic ones you often see in magazines that no young family with small children could do, let alone afford. {Although, often times those who have submitted pictures of their nurseries end up looking so amazing that they belong in a magazine!}
Ohdeedoh is a part of the Apartment Therapy (which needs to be a bloglight all in its self) group of blogs; so they are up-to-date, eco-friendly, often small space friendly, and Ohdeedoh takes care of their kid-friendly section!
They do room tours that parents have submitted with a bunch of pictures and show you all the beauty and great ideas there are to be had out there! Here is a pic of one of my favorite! See the whole post by clicking here.
This site isn't just one persons contributions its a myriad of people all with different takes on things. They also review products for kids, babies, and parents. That is where I found my AWESOME diaper bag. (Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Edition) Click here to see what Ohdeedoh had to say about it.
Not only that but you can e-mail them with questions about where to find things or if "such-and-such" brand is good, or safe and they will often post your question on the blog with their two cents as well as open up the comments for discussion! How awesome is that! Remember when you were told in the hospital that they didn't make an instruction manual for you child, well, Ohdeedoh does take care of instructing you on all the hottest, latest, and safest items to help you raise your child!
If you have children, grandchildren, or just know someone with children; you should check out Ohdeedoh for their fabulous ideas, delicious eye candy, and sensible solutions! And, let me know in the comments how much you LOVE Ohdeedoh!

All photographs from Ohdeedoh.