Thursday, September 23, 2010

Iron Gate Flea Market

Hello all who will be attending the St. George Marathon. There will be a flea market held in Veyo, Utah (30 miles north of St. George near the starting line of the marathon) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of next week.

I will have a booth there with handmade items: Christmas ornaments, hair accessories, and original pieces of mixed media art. I can't wait to see you all there!

Please stop by and say hello if you decide to come! I would love to meet you.

P.S. I did the graphic design for the flea market flyer (shown above)! I am pretty pleased with how it turned out and I have also started working on updating my mom's blog. If any of you are interested in a blog up-date or any graphic design work, please let me know and I can give you a free bid!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bloglight: What I Wore

So since I just did a post about fashionand wearing beautiful vintage inspired fall clothing I just had to share with you this fabulous blogger Jessica Schroeder soon to be (or maybe already is...) Jessica Quirk from What I Wore.
She is a fashion blogger and the concept is pretty simple, she has her fiance take a picture of her outfit everyday and then she posts about why she picked out those items, why the pieces work together, where she wore it and where she bought it.
Jessica has the most adorable sense of style and a true individualist mentality. She is what I have always wanted to be in terms of fashion. Doesn't every woman dream of having their perfect, definable fashion? Unlike anyone else and so exact and perfect that every item of clothing that you own just screams: MADELINE! Not, TARGET! I guess I need to start scouring thrift stores more often and only spending money on pieces that are, ME!
Jessica also has a book coming out soon too. Check her blog to see details on that.
These are a few of my favorite outfits from her blog. Be sure to go check her out and soak in as much of her style as you can because, it is gorgeous!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Golden Years

Fall is almost upon us and I have been dreaming of getting to wear my fall/winter clothes for 2 years now! I have been pregnant for the last two winters and so have not been able to fit into my fall/winter clothes!!! This fact seriously bums me out because I LOVE FALL/WINTER CLOTHES! I love the textures, layers, and just warm fuzzy feeling of it all. I have been gearing up and getting super excited for this season and so I thought I would share a few pics of fashion inspiration with you all.

I love to look at clothing retailers websites or catalogues and glean ideas from they way they have their models styled. One of my most recent droolings were these pictures from Anthropologie. They took us back to those feminine, flattering years of the 40's and 50's when the women had waistlines and wore red lipstick everyday! I do love their more modern take on these fashions though.

In the picture below they have paired a mens blazer with a beautiful blouse and bold printed skirt. To give it that throw back look they belted it which gives the silhouette a boost! I must say I LOVE her hair too!
Here is more gorgeousness: Again taking a blazer and a pretty blouse, belting it to give the waistline and then paring the whole bit with jeans. The puffy sleeve gives a feminine touch as does the floral blouse. Got to love that look!
From Anthro's more recent collection, I LOVE this wool plaid skirt that they have played a fun twist on!
And I will always love asymmetrical buttons on things and here is this beautiful skirt! I must try this out!

If you are on the hunt for some perfect dresses from the Golden Years you must know about Shabby Apple! I can't get over their designers perfect replica of some of the most beautiful old fashion looking dresses. I wish I could be a designer for them (or at least a fly on the wall when they are in their design process....)

Here is some eye candy for you...
Can I just say that the dress below, I am in utter love with! This is the dress I have been searching for all my life!!! When I was a senior in high school I discovered Audrey Hepburn (for ultimate style icon she really is) and in doing so began a search for clothing like hers. Alas, the 80's looks were super big then so I had a pretty difficult time finding things (in my price range too...) then all of the sudden things of that era started popping up everywhere! Of course we are now getting ready for Peter to attend school so we are pinching every penny that comes our way :'(. So if there are any designers that would like to send me a sample of their clothing to test out I would be happy to oblige... hehe.
Well hopefully you have had as much fun swooning over these georgeous dresses and ensembles as I have... until next time.