Sunday, June 20, 2010

Loving Life

At first Ella didn't know what to do with the loud noise of a racquetball court. Then, she went nuts and loved it. My little racquetball girl!
I have recently changed my name to Master Mechanic. Ella was asleep in the car (first time ever I think) and I built a pillow out of the diaper pad, and my scriptures.
If you find two cuter kids anywhere, please let me know because I won't believe you. They have the same shaped head and little to no hair! So cute!!!
Calvin just found out that he can smile and let me tell you what, ladies, watch out 'cause he's coming!

After swimming, we went to look at the little ducklings and feed them graham crackers. Ella thought she was the one who should be fed but she shared grudgingly with the ducks.

Peter post-The Festival

This is Ella's first taste of rootbeer...the crazy thing is she wouldn't leave me alone after that! She kept begging for more, but every time I would give her some she would make this face. It was worth it!
We went to a festival yesterday with some friends and I sat Ella in the swing. I wasn't trying to take the pictures this close to her face but they turned out HILARIOUS! How much G-force do they put on those swings??
We got on a bus that had nothing but African drums in it. We would start a beat and everyone would join in. That's my kind of school seats, just drums.
Ella and Miles loved the bubble machine.

World Cup is here!

Ella's most recent word is "soccer". I get the feeling she is loving the World Cup as much as I am. The theme song is seriously amazing and her dancing is even more amazing.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baking with Ella

The other day Ella and I had some "big girl" time in the kitchen. I really wanted to make some blackberry muffins with the blackberries that were about to go bad in my fridge but I didn't want to neglect Ella in the process and just have her play on her own then I would get frustrated when she came into the kitchen and tried to play with me. So in order to get done what I wanted to do and include her in the process, I slapped an apron on us both and pulled a chair into the kitchen counter and we got to baking.

This is the first time Ella has helped me in the kitchen for real (I have given her an empty bowl and a wooden spoon many times so she can pretend to help) and she did a great job! I put all the ingredients on the opposite counter (out of her reach). My kitchen is so small that it really worked well.

We maybe did a little taste-testing but you are never a "good" chef unless you taste test what you are creating!

Ella got a little anxious while we waited for the muffins to cook so I had to distract her by pushing her around on the tricycle Grandma & Grandpa A. got her. She was so excited once the muffins were done though!

Mr. C. was slightly impatient too - he wanted his breakfast. Ella and I had to keep "checking on" him throughout our baking process so it took a little longer than planned but we kept telling him, "Just hang on Cal, we are baking."

MMMMMMM, delicious! I must say they were quite good! Thanks to the wonderful chef over at Nook & Pantry for the great Blackberry Muffin Recipe. We made our subsitutions though... I just recently learned that you can use 1 TBL. Ground Flaxseed + 3 TBLS. Water as a subsitute for 1 egg! We tried it out and it was magnificent! I love the nutty undertone that flaxseed gave these fruity muffins! I suggest you try it out for yourself!

Check back for further installments of "Baking with Ella" as Ella and I explore the inner-workings of baking with a toddler!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

And here's big man Calvin! I'll let Madeline take credit for the picture on the right. I can't quite tell if he looks like a girl or a train conductor with that hat on. In my humble opinion, he's a good looking kid. Somehow, somebody switched our children's looks around in heaven because Ella looks like me, white skin and all, and Calvin looks like Madeline, dark hair, dark skin... Yet we are finding that Ella acts like her mother (not very snugly ((I'm trying to break her of that:)) and very strong willed!), and Calvin is just like his father (very snugly, dramatic, emotional...etc. I accept my feminine role in the family. I knew she wore the pants since the day we got married) Anyway, back to Calvin. He looked like an old man as a child and he spits up like crazy!

Ella absolutelyloves her miniature table:) She loves to take empty bowls, cups and plates and pretend that we are eating a can a dad like me ever compete with that cuteness? (Ella, "Dad, I want a new bike." Me, "Aaaas Yoooouuu WIIISH!")

Peter's blogging now...

Since Madeline and I have moved to "the city" we like to take drives with the kids. Really, the kids sleep and we look at all the pretty houses and the mountains. On our drive today, we saw the most enormous house in the entire world. We call it the Beauty and the Beast Castle... Here's why,

This is a picture of an LDS temple, it has a great view of the valley below.

We made friends with a very nice family, Alvin, Laura and their son Miles. Miles was born about an HOUR before Ella and they have gotten along quite nicely...notice that Miles is already giving his lady flowers