Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flashback - Easter

So I never got these pictures posted in a timely manner (mainly due to the move and the pregnancy/childbirth) but here are some cute shots of our Easter weekend going to the park with Ella and doing a little easter egg hunt for her @ her grandparents house.

Hope you enjoy these and her adorable face!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Moving...again - - Tight Quarters Part 1

So we moved again. This time it was across state (and a week after I gave birth!!!) Most everyone told me I was crazy and I just let it pass in one ear and out the other. Hubby said it was time to move and so, I said, "Okay!" (After a lot of weighing the pros and cons, payer, etc...) Peter got a job in our new town and that caused him to move a month earlier than the rest of us, so for the last month of my pregnancy we only saw each other on the weekends - it was HARD!

Here is a pic of the Cal-man on the drive up. He did so well, slept most of the way only waking to eat. It was somewhat of a painful drive for me because my milk had come in - hard core. Ouch!

I hadn't seen the apartment in person, just through pictures Peter sent from his phone and the stock photos on the complex's website. We were downsizing from a 3 bdrm to a 2 bdrm, so I was a little nervous on how we were going to get everything to fit. I had been seriously planning out the space prior to the move but space seems to disappear when you actually get stuff in there.
Ella and her Daddy, going on a walk in the rain in our new neighborhood.
I really love how this picture turned out (even though it didn't really turn out...)

When we arrived to our new home, I walked in to glance at the apartment completely empty and then had to walk out to sit in the car and feed Calvin. When I finished feeding, all the boxes and furniture had been moved into the house - it was PACKED and there was hardly any walking space, let alone standing space for the 8 adults who were there to help unpack. Having just had a baby, being sore with much excess milk, the stress of moving, and then walking in to see a sea of boxes in my living room and feeling the weight of all the ready hands of those waiting to be told where to put things - I nearly collapsed. I did my best to keep my cool (although those who helped move in - specifically my darling husband) would tell you that I was - um, edgy. I honestly don't know how I did it or how I am still doing it but once the house got pulled together -- all thanks to my most AMAZING parents who are incredibly skilled in organizing, DIYing, and just ingenuitious-ness -- my life seemed to de-stress.

Although the place is small we were able to come up with some fantastic ways to utilize the space we had. I will post our ideas in the following posts to help inspire those of you living in tight quarters.
I did have to post these pics of Ella on her new patio furniture that Grandma got for her. She is such a crack up...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Calvin's First Photoshoot - In the hospital

Here are just a couple of shots I snapped during Calvin's first day alive. These were taken in my hospital room using bed sheets as a backdrop or the green wall - so they aren't anything to gawk over.

Such a cute little guy! He has already changed a ton and is getting more handsome as the days go by.

I did another quick photoshoot of him a few days ago so I will try to get those posted asap...

A Day at the Zoo!

Peter and I decided that it would be a great investment if we purchased ourselves annual zoo passes because Ella LOVES animals! So today, being beautiful and warm, we took a Zoo day. (Along with probably 5,000 other people...)
It was fantastic! We saw monkeys, elephants (even a baby one!), giraffes, tigers, a rhino, and Ella even managed to get a peacock to squawk right in her face to which she burst out in tears and we had to run away from the peacock for her to be happy again.
Ella almost had more fun pushing the stroller (that she was supposed to be riding in) around the whole park. She liked the animals but I think the whole experience was a lot to take in all at once and so the animals weren't of utmost importance. She wanted to push the stroller and find anyone else's stroller she could push (which was a lot).
All-in-all we will be going back quite often because it is a nice way to get outside and have Ella get to know some of the animals, to which she knows the sound for, up close and personal.