Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sworn enemy: Bath time

If any of you have read Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin hates to take baths. While I can't openly admit to naming our child after the One-and-Only, we may have created a monster out of him! Especially after how much Ella likes to take baths.
This is what I'm talking about. Super woman has just given birth and still looks like a Super Model. Poor Calvin looks like he took a few hits. He's so dang cute though!!! Madeline said she wants to blog about him too so she's going to post the pictures from the actual camera. These are all from my phone.Hello Calvin! Hello Madeline!
Did you say something to me?? Put 'em up! See what happens who messes with the great Calvino! (Sounds like the name of a famous mobster)
What a stud...
I, Peter, have embarked to commandeer the great work of blogging about our lives as Madeline has been "under the weather" or "weighed down" or "giving birth", whichever you prefer. Anyway, it's a little tough for her to blog right now so I've decided to help her out and show you pictures of our new addition. Meet Calvin Michael.

What can you say about a woman who is holding a newborn on her chest, has just given birth, and still looks gorgeous? Wow. Tough cookie. Super Mad. She's da bomb mom. (Not to mention she makes good kids)
Okay so he looks like he just got out of a boxing match. That's what they're supposed to look like, didn't you know that?? He's a fiesty one too!! Make him mad and he'll keeeel you!
I know I'm not supposed to want Calvin to grow up, but I cannot wait until he is 3 or 4 or 5 years old when we can ditch pre-school to go to the zoo. I will take him to the midnight movies, go fishing for golf balls at 3am, watch some sports (which I never do but I'll sacrifice for the sake of my son:), play pranks on his big sister Ella, wrestle, paint the walls crazy colors, play with GI Joes and ninja turtles, go buy some cowboy boots together, play with the dog, play horse on the basketball court, pick mom and Ella flowers from our garden that we both planted, flex our huge muscles in front of mom, play cops and robbers, build huge fires, skip rocks on a pond, read fantasy books (or whatever kind of book he wants to read), take mom and Ella out on dates, make up and sing crazy songs, grow beards or draw beards on ourselves, sword fight like pirates, do hand stands, pretend we are shooting other cars with bubble gum shooters, let Calvin drive, build awesome secret forts just in case, play hide and seek, learn secret code languages that only we understand, and do a thousand other things. That's why I can't wait for him to grow up.
Ella meeting Calvin...I don't know what to say. We let Ella ride the bed with mom, which she loved. For a picture we took Calvin out of his crib and placed him on the bed with the others. He let out a cry and instantly Ella's face started quivering and she cried oh-so-horrible tears. We gave Ella some bubbles from Calvin to make her feel better. She's not sure what to think.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sometimes I get inspired by my lovely wife and her cooking/presentation. I think, if I could do 1/100 of the job that she does, I would be so proud of myself. As you can see with the gourmet breakfast I made for Ella of eggs, cottage cheese and banana, I think I made my goal! (Notice how the banana is on both sides of the plate?? Who would have thought of that?)Madeline seriously is on gorgeous girl. How I lucked out with her, I don't know. I must have cast some spell on her before we were married. If you look at Ella, you will see where she gets her looks. Her dang hot momma!
Do I need to explain this one? She's excited about something...I'll bet she see's me. Yeah, definitely someone else is taking the picture...
This is my man Oscar. He has stud written all over that cowboy hat. Now all he needs are some cowboy boots and he's set. Oscar, I give you permission to finish the job I started and KICK your dad with your boots all day every day. (I'm sure he still deserves it)
My first attempt at Real homemade Macaroni and Cheese. Recipe kindly provided by the Wintch family.And here we have the finished product. I would post the recipe but it's a little's like: throw a little of this, and a little of that and a little of this and a little of know how the Wintch's cook...
This is my kind of cooking. Take a look at that Manwich!
These next two pictures are classic Ella. Let me explain. I put Ella down for the night or for a nap and as I put her binky in her mouth and the blanket over her, her eyes droop and she's very near sleep. Then, the instant I am out of view, I hear some major scuffling going on in the crib. I bolt for the open door just as I see a little head poking up to see where I've gone. Little stinker! I go back in later to turn off the lamp and here is what we find...
I had to turn on the light to get this picture but it was totally worth it!
Me. Two weeks of beardCALVIN!!!!!!!
This is our naked child...she's jumping into the tub. Her favorite past time is bath time...I'm not sure Calvin will be so excited about baths...duh duh duh
THE CUTEST BABY GIRL IN THE WORLD!!! I love that little head:) (Madagascar 2)