Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lost in Space...

Again, I have been MIA from the blogsphere. Just to give a quick update on the happenings in our lives - - Back in July our house flooded and we were out for a month which was "fun." We were living at my in-laws house with pretty much the whole family (his older brother and his wife with their son included!) It was fun and a good bonding time as they have since moved to Missouri for Med School.
Ella is now 8 months and growing every day! She can clap, say "mama," "dada," and "baba." She doesn't quite know what she is saying yet but she is just getting closer to talking. She is a little mover now too. Not a total crawl yet but she can slide around on her belly pretty fast! I am ok with her not being totally mobile yet though - it keeps me at peace!
We just had a world wide meeting for our church that we got to watch on TV - it was wonderful and Peter and I have come away with a renewed desire to be better spouses and parents as well as members of our church. We had a fun time during that weekend of our General Conference when we traveled up to the mountains with some friends and my family to have a picnic and enjoy the changing of the fall colors. It was SO beautiful! And cold, which Ella didn't like too much.
Probably the biggest news, which came as a huge surprise to us was that we found out that we are going on round two... yup, we are pregnant for the second time... I am 13 weeks today. We have waited a while to tell everyone and it has seemed to go a TON faster

I just recenlty returned from a great trip to Orange County, CA where my cousin was married and we did a mini family vacation (unfortunatley without my husband). It was beautiful there and I almost didn't want to leave. We hung around on the beach and Ella showed her natural bathing beauty qualities! Shopping was a must and we went into Anthropologie, an awesome store in Laguna Beach called Beach Cottage, and a myriad of other stores. I tried to snap a few pics with my phone while in Anthro of their amazing displays so I could attempt to re-create! I will have to draw up the others from memory as they were all gorgeous!