Saturday, March 21, 2009

1 month old!

How fast the time truly does fly. Ella is one month old today! I can't even believe it! She has also started smiling too! She has been right on the verge of cracking that grin for a while now and then finally yesterday she gave an all out, for real smile! She has the cutest smile in the world! This morning Peter and I laid in bed with her figuring out all the ways we could make her smile - it was a blast! 
I don't really know what else to say other than this is the fastest month I have ever experienced - I hope (but deep down I know) her childhood doesn't fly by this fast! I hardly have time to stop and smell the roses. We are doing better at taking each day one at a time and not letting the time slip too quickly and now that she is smiling - it makes it all the better. 
Enjoy these couple of pictures from our outing at the park with Dad. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some SWEET Treats!

It seems everyone in the blogging world has their mind set on spring recently! Mostly those who have been hit by winter's storms the hardest are those most desperately longing for spring (as would I - however it seems spring has sprung and we are almost in the 80's here - IT IS ONLY MARCH FOR HEAVEN SAKE! But that is why I no longer desire to live in the desert where there are only two season, winter and summer ugh!) 
Amid all the spring seekers I found this bright idea which could be used at any time! Petite Watermelons! How adorable are these little treatlets! And you can't tell so much but there are little chocolate chips pushed into them for the seeds! Talk about a great treat for a summer birthday party, tea party, or just plain ol' snack time! Go check out one of my new favorite blogs, Chocolate on my Cranium for the complete directions on how to, when given limes - make WATERMELONS! (he he, I think I am so clever...) 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

For Far Away Grandparents...

I really should start another blog completely dedicated to our new little miss (who is currently screaming herself to sleep. She has this pathetic little whine that sounds like an ewok from Star Wars! We feel bad when she does it but unfortunately we can't help but laugh. - All a part of teaching her to fall asleep on her own, it is a very LOUD process...) because I am posting so many pictures of her lately it seems my blog has become over run. 

So until I get around to pulling that together - you will just have to live with it. 

My parents don't live close and so I have to fill my blog and all our phone calls with constant updates and new images of our little girl.

We took these on Friday when Daddy gave her a bath. She LOVES bath time still (which makes us happy!) with the exception of initially getting in the bath and initially getting out of the bath. Other than that she is good with the whole ordeal and my favorite part is the lotioning which just makes her smell SO delicious! 

I know I have already raved about how good baby products smell but honestly, is there anything sweeter?
 They have discovered the perfect blend of scents - a very fresh and yet almost edible smell I just can't get over it! Maybe I will have to start wearing that lotion myself! 

Still working out the schedule situation. It is coming along... However, Friday night she slept for 6 hours straight! She went down at 10:30 and slept until 4:15/4:30!!! Last night I was not as fortunate but I think we kind of threw her off her groove because I didn't end up feeding her until midnight! 

We are still just having loads of fun though. Yesterday we read two books and played for a while. I can't wait for that real live smile to come through! I hope I am the lucky one it is bestowed upon. 

My brother-in-law thought he was the lucky one yesterday but everyone assured him that she was asleep with her eyes just wide open and her endless stream of expressions going across her face. I will have to try and capture a picture of her when she does that because it is just so strange how her eyes can seriously be WIDE open and looking around but she is dead asleep. 

Oh a quick tip for mothers - DON'T BUY TARGET BRAND DIAPERS! They leak horribly! I have an entire jumbo pack left and I am trying to change her diaper as often as possible in order to get rid of them. She has had more blowouts using these diapers than Pampers or Huggies! We have two ginormous boxes of Kirkland Brand so I am a little interested to see how those fair. 
I worked on a little project yesterday (and will be finishing today) that I am excited to unveil to everyone... It is a little something for her nursery! 

Also, don't think I forgot about our Bloglight for this month - the post is just in the works right now. Hopefully I will get it up this week! Check with ya later! 

Friday, March 13, 2009

DIY Mania!

Lucky for me (well, mostly lucky for Peter because he would have been the one who ended up doing all this...) my parents came to town a week before the baby was due. Seeing as they didn't have a ton going on in the days ensuing Ella's birth, they took to some of my DIY projects!!!

The biggies ~ 

First, Peter and I had scouted around for a dresser we could convert into a changing table for Ella's room for quite some time. I am extremely picky when it comes to things for my home and so I seriously took my time on searching this piece out. Plus I figured, if we did it just right, this dresser would be something she could continue to use for a while. 
One fateful Saturday, I scoped out the garage sale market and found there were a few estate sales going on in our downtown area which I thought would HAVE to be somewhat decent! So we ventured over to a few garage sales in our area and when we came up empty handed we continued to the estate sale. We scoured through the entire house (which was very old but really cool looking!) and in the last bedroom - there it was - a probably 1940's vanity WITHOUT a sold sign! I figured a piece like this must be going for quite a large sum but when I drew nearer my heart stopped to see a $20 price tag!!!!! This was a deal I could not refuse! I called Peter into the room and told him to go upstairs and pay for this immediately while I stood guard! 

Peter and I (ok... again, mostly Peter - hey, I was pregnant and couldn't be sniffing paint fumes!) began getting the dresser ready for painting. We had also found some cool faux crystal knobs that we were going to put on the middle drawer but those ended up breaking and so we just stuck with the originals, painted black - which I really like! 

The dresser was pretty short (most definitely not suited for a changing table!) so my genius dad went to the hardware store and bought these cute little legs - they are actually toppers or curtain holdbacks but we transformed them into legs and they work wonders! 

So - all in all I think the dresser came out to costing us:
Dresser - $20
Paint - $3 (a whole gallon at Habitat for Humanity)
Legs - aprox $5 per leg (I think we found these in the drapery isle)

Next - (BIG PROPS TO PETER!!!) I found this book shelf (photo to the left) on Ohdeedoh and have been dying for one ever since because there is the perfect spot for it in Ella's room. I have searched and searched the internet (Pottery Barn used to sell them but I couldn't find them on their site) with no results! Then one day when I wasn't looking for the shelf I stumbled upon the directions to make your own on Martha Stewart's website!

I wasn't too sure how this would go over with the Hubby considering that he always loves to flaunt the fact that he got a D in shop class.  But I figured that Valentines Day was coming up and I REALLY wanted this book shelf so I could probably convince him it was a good idea. I e-mailed him the directions and asked very nicely, "Could you please make this for me and your sweet little girl?" To which he quickly responded, Yes! I was blown away and MLK day was coming up so he would have an entire day to get it done! He asked his dad if he would help him (since his dad is fully equipped with every tool imaginable!) And they were so cute! The made a few adjustments to Martha's measurements - one was making the actual shelf where the book rested a bit wider than she suggested and also instead of just using a straight peice for the dowel that holds the book on the shelf the got round ones. Once they had the shelf almost completely done they decided it would look better with a little trim on the edges too! 
I couldn't believe that my husband had succeeded in his woodworking skills and made this shelf for me. Once we got it all painted it looked perfect and it is now sporting Ella's growing book collection! I can't wait until she is bigger so we can tell her this story! 
One other project - while my dad was slaving away painting the dresser and the bookshelf he asked if there was anything else I wanted painted white. (I always have something that I need painted so of course I jumped on the opportunity to have some of my projects get finished. I have had these two giant spools in my living room for over a year in all their unfinished glory. I became so sick of looking at them that it was all I could do to keep myself from jumping up and down and shouting excitedly YES - Paint my Spools!!! 
Alas, those have been completed as well! Yeah! My living room is just that much closer to feeling pulled together - now pretty much all that is left is the daunting sofa recovering project... dun dun dun..... 
We have also worked on a few little projects around the house - like the Craft/Office Room Revamp and Ella's Mobile and Pillow for her crib. Those (aren't totally finished yet...) will have to come in a later post. 

For now, ta-ta and post a link to your blog if you have recently finished a DIY (BIG or small) that you want to show off to the world!

I am linking this post to Domestically Speaking's Paint Party, and Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday. 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My two LOVES!

What is cuter than a girl and her daddy? She has him wrapped around her cute little finger! Even when she has a stinky bum or has just thrown up all over our bed - all she has to do is look at him with those adorable eyes or give him that delirious smile and he melts all over. 
I love watching Peter be a dad. He is so loving and is constantly concerned with how she is doing. Even though he is out working hard or going to classes he has made such a special connection with his little girl. He is completely willing to do everything it takes to provide for Ella. 
Being parents is so hard but so worth it! Yesterday we attempted to go to the grocery store and when we pulled into the parking space - I pulled her out of the car seat and almost got her into the sling when I realized that she was COVERED in poop! I looked at Peter with despair and told him to get back in the car, we are going home. He saw the pile of poop in her car seat and the streaks that were covering me and got back in and went home. He was so wonderful to clean out the car seat while I changed her stinky bum. 
I love my two loves! More than anything in the world. It is truly amazing how much love you can have instantly for a tiny person you have never met before. It is also amazing how difficult nights with a little one, giant poop explosions, and emotionally draining days can bring two people who already love each other so much even closer together. There is just something about both being covered in your little creation's poop or throw up that makes your partner looks something sexy. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bath Time!

Ella's first bath was a success! She LOVES taking baths! At first she gets a little squirmy because she really doesn't like being cold but once she is in the water she just kicks her legs and is very calm (as long as I do a good job making sure I squeeze the washcloth over her belly and arms so she stays warm.) 
Once I pull her out of the tub it is a different story - she freaks out until you wrap her in a towel. I gave her another bath tonight and lathered her in yummy lavender lotion afterwards. She smells delicious! I love the smell of baby products!