Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is your Style?

I found this cool site the other day while browsing on How About Orange's blog. (which is also a great one by the way...) This is a British site, because apparently I am obsessed with foreigen design sites, where you take a little quiz type thing and pick pictures that best describe your style and entertaining/relaxation desires. 

I am a "yummy mummy" which I feel like adequately describes my personal style, an intuitive homemaker with a clearly feminine touch and lots of attention to detail. I don't really feel that way right now with the current condition of my home... considering that it has not been cleaned much since we found out we were pregnant. (I am now 14 weeks along!) 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bloglight: Rebecca Thuss

Who isn't in need of some sweet inspiration???? This month's Bloglight is going to focus on the most amazing and talented Rebecca Thuss. This is a little different than my last two Bloglights but I want to keep things diverse.

Are you ready for a total visual feast??? Lets go!

Rebecca has her site split up into a few different sections and when you first arrive it may not seem like much for the eye to behold but be patient, as you delve through the menu and discover the "treatlets" that await you, just prepare to be BLOWN away! 

We shall just give a brief over view on this one and hopefully (if I can keep on top of things) will do a more detailed analysis of each menu item in further posts to come 1 each week for the rest of the month... I hope. 

Ok so first of all let me explain things a little better. This website is more Rebecca's Portfolio of all the beautiful and marvelous things she has created. Take for example this perfect guest gift box idea. Can you say EASY! She just used one of those die-cuts from back in Elementary school days when the teachers would always hang strange shapes up on their bulletin boards. I am sure I could find something like this at a scrap book store (or if I had sweet friends who are teachers... hummm.)

Ok so are you checking out little miss simpleton over here with the lemon centerpiece. I have been seriously craving fall and Thanksgiving time but this kind of takes me back to the early start of summer (I say early because right now I live in a human oven and summer is not a fun time for me!) But back to the subject in question - is there an easier way to create an adorable and easy centerpiece? I submit that there is not! Some long sheer ribbon placed at the bottom of a glass pedestal bowl then filled with lemons and grab some extra ribbon and tie a few of the lemons with that... oh please! 

Now a lot of her photos come from weddings she has done but why on EARTH can we not make each and every day of our lives a little more special. It puts the zing back into the day and trust me on this one, the hubby... LOVES IT! And he was not even into me setting the table at first. Boys! 

Ok so are you checking the Candyland over here... I am digging it for sure! (Sweets are one thing that have never not been appealing to me while pregnant... gee that is nice!) Lets figure this one out: a few different shaped urns some raw coarse sugar and some HUGE lollipops! Would this not be the most fun centerpiece for a little birthday party!!! Depending on the gender of the child you can change the color of the pops! That way you have a centerpiece and party favors all in one! 

This girl is good. And I don't know if you remember a little publication that the queen of all things domestic, Martha Stewart, put out: Blueprint Magazine. Oh how I will forever miss that one... well guess who did a lot of the styling for that one??? Ok yea, Rebecca Thuss! 

Now that I have your eyes watering (ok that is a bit of a weird cross over from the visual feast idea...) and you are itching to go and create something - Don't be afraid... use your 40% off Robert's coupon and do a little summer splurging. Find a project that inspires you and get it done! You will feel so much better about your self. Then don't be shy about it, share it on your blog for all to see and marvel at how wonderful you are. (Don't forget to included instructions!!! We want to have fun too!) If you are still needing a bit of a further boost... go check out one of my way awesome friends, Hillary, and her most recent and incredible accomplishment of reupholstering a thrift store chair! She is like 21  years old!!!! 

You can do it!

"Treatlet" originated from The Style Sisters! 
All Photographs from Rebecca Thuss's website.