Saturday, May 31, 2008

Which Disney Princess are YOU?

Ok Cheesy, I know but it was kind of fun!

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Headstrong and fiesty. You have a mind of your own that's full of romantic dreams about the world around you. Exploring exotic places is your ultimate dream, and although you can be a little naive you'll realize that there is something to be gained from your family's wisdom.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Go find out which one you are!

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Inspiration for Newly Nesters!

I was turned on to this great magazine by Nicole Hill from A Little Sussy and as I look through it I have found that this is a scaled down version of Martha Stewart. Domino Magazine has great ideas but aimed more towards the younger crowd and those with little space and little know how. Hope you enjoy this as much as I am!Check out this great idea they had to create a potted veggie garden for those of us who are living in an apartment and need a mobile garden. You can find the details on their website.


I have been a little missing in action lately but moving has taken over our lives! All for the better though! We have emerged from our little basement hide-away (not to be confused with get-away) up to a gorgeous old historic home in our little town with LOTS of windows and beautiful little details (and some not so beautiful, i.e. the carpet...)
Well here, take a look for yourself!
Our front living room... see that huge window, it is bliss! I will have to do another post after this weekend once we get things all clean so you can se how I've decorated!

This is our bedroom... don't you just love that light fixture! (It doesn't put off much light but it sure looks great!)

This is our kitchen and yes, that is green carpet but I can deal until Peter works up the courage to help me lay some linoleum tiles (which our landlord would reimburse us for! Yeah!)

This is the spare bedroom (which right now is a disaster area!) But basically I love it. Grey walls and white trim (most of the trim is the cool detailed wooden trim. Lots of big windows as you can see... somewhat interesting carpet but like I said I can deal with it. I also am loving so much the little patio in the backyard and this weekend we are having a little get together with some friends who are soon going to be Michiganites (is that how you would call them?)

Love this idea, but...

So Pottery Barn has the most wonderful ideas and I love getting their catalog merely for inspiration (and room photography ideas). I have noticed a common thread in their living room set ups. They usually have tables behind their sofas. I LOVE THAT! 

So those little console tables are a little expensive. 

Tomorrow it is my goal to head to the local thrift stores to find at least one (if not two) console tables to go behind my two sofas. (Pictures of our new place to come!)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Now that you are married off...

Ok so I have noticed that now that I am married it is time to throw some parties... well not your typical party (birthday, wild dance party... you know) but SHOWERS! Bridal showers and baby showers...

This can be a new and daunting experience if you have never had to be in charge before. However there are TONS of great resources to help you plan a fabulously fantastic festivity! (I love alliteration!)


~The Style Sisters
*This is my Mom and Aunt they are constantly finding way cute ideas for all kinds of things but if you look at their entertaining section there are some really examples!

~Hostess With The Mostess
*This lady is awesome! She has some really stylin' ways with great themes to throw a bridal/baby shower.

~Martha Stewart
*Always good things from Martha and pictured to the left is one baby shower idea that she had on her website done the Newly Nester way!

{as a side note: some of these things apply to both bridal showers and baby showers but this post will mainly focus on baby showers. Look for another post to come with more info about bridal showers...}

Ok so down to the nitty gritty -
What needs to be planned:
1. Guest List/Invitations
2. Food
3. Games/prizes
4. Decorations/Theme

~ Location, Location, Time! ~ What time and where will the shower be located?
~ Invitations ~ Who will be making them *side note: who ever is making the invitations should a) keep one for them self b) send one to who ever is throwing the party if they are not the same person as who is doing the invite c) make sure the guest of honor can attend!
*A good place to find pre-made shower invitations is Polka Dot Design. This is a good site but don't limit yourself... check out your local craft or scrapbook store and try to make your own invites with a cute stamp like they did here.
~ Who? ~ Just family, friends, work, or church? {Ps. Don't invite people the guest of honor doesn't know. This is for them, not for you to show off your sweet party planning skills!}

2.) FOOD
~ Snacks, brunch, lunch, or dinner? ~ Depending on what time you do the shower you need to take into consideration what meals are around then and how many people you are willing and able to feed.
~ Delegate! ~Don't do it all yourself. *I have to keep reminding myself of this* You have plenty of other things going on. Ask 1 or 2 more people if they could bring at least one thing whether it be a dessert or drink. AND if you delegate don't give them an open end... BE SPECIFIC! Tell them exactly which brand and if you know, exactly where to find it. This will cause a lot less stress over the drink not being perfect. If it is something they need to make either a) give them the recipe or b) give them the recipe and the main ingredients necessary so they can pull it off exactly!

~Time to have fun and BE CREATIVE!~ I have found some way funny games just looking around on the internet... but here are a few to get you started:
a- 1st to Break your Water- Get little polly pocket sized babies and freeze them in an ice tray. Give each of your guests an ice cube. The object of the game is to give birth to your baby first by breaking the water! 1st person to break their water and completely free their baby wins!
b- Choco-Poo- This game is pretty hilarious... get 4 or 5 different types of candy bars (ie. Sinckers, Baby Ruth, Milky Way, Milk Duds) and melt each one into a different diaper. Then for the game have each guest smell or taste each diaper to try and figure out what type of candy bar it is. (Make sure you secretly lable each diaper so you can remember which chocolate poo is which!)
c- Chugging Contest- Have a baby bottle chugging contest! Do this with water because if the person chugging gets laughing you don't want juice or milk sprayed all over everything. A good idea would be to only have two or three people at a time do this game.
d- Musical Bonnet- Play a fun child's song and pass around a box {two or three boxes are more fun because more people get to participate}. Each box will contain either an adult sized diaper, a bonnet hat or a funny pacifier. When you stop the music who ever the box lands on, gets to open and wear the item for the rest of the night. Then begin the next box.
~Prizes~ It is totally understood that when you are first married that money is not just laying around waiting for you to blow it on some sweet baby shower prizes and lets be honest... who saves up for something like this? It is most likely a spur of the moment great idea that you end up really having to follow through with... oops. But still wanting to make it fun and have (what the Style Sisters call) the "cuteness factor" you have to be creative! The DOLLAR store is where it is at! You can find some pretty nice looking little bath/lotion/candle gifts at, who knew, the Dollar Store! We gave our dollar store finds a little punch and put them in celophane bags and tied them with cute ribbon. These are perfect, cheap, cute, and people like those kinda gifts!

~Decide 1st~ Now that I am thinking about it this should probably be at the top of the list even before food and invitations because HELLO... everything is based off the theme! And I must tell you that this is probably my most favorite part of the whole party planning fiasco! I am kind of lame but I think coming up with a theme that matches the guest of honor as well as those you are inviting is quite challenging and I LOVE a challenge!
How do you choose a theme you ask... well I don't really know other than go with what feels right. I know that is a pretty lame answer because most people don't feel comfortable enough with their creative side to do something like that but try thinking out of the box, look at LOTS of ideas on different websites and in magazines, and just use all of that as a bounce board into your own idea.
~Theme Picked... Now What?~ Ok, so now work it out in your mind... how easy/difficult will it be to find prizes, papers (for the invites), decorations, and food ideas that fit with my theme. If things seem pretty reasonable (as far as price and finding items) then go forward and your idea will continue to develop as you try things and work with what you have.
~Simplify~ Another option is instead of picking a specific theme try going for just an idea; for instance the last baby shower I threw we went with the idea of umbrellas. We found a few baby blue umbrellas at the Dollar Store (great place to look for decor too!) and hung them in corners of the room. We also found blue and yellow streamers to give it a party feel. To tie in the umbrella theme we hand drew some cartoonie looking umbrellas and hung them in the kitchen where the food was to be served. It made everything super easy and it turned out really cute!
~Ask the Mommy to Be~ A good idea might be to ask the Mommy to be how she is planning on decorating her nursery that way she can keep some of the decorations so they don't just have to go to waste!
~Time~ Give yourself plenty of it! You don't want to be half decorated when the guests start arriving. If you need to ask your strong bucksom husband to help you and if he won't then enlist one or two of the people who you invited to the party to help you out.

Last and pretty much most important... just relax and enjoy your guests. Don't stress too much, what ever happens, happens and you have done your best to organize and plan an awesome party for your loved one, friend, or co-worker. Job well done!

Well here is the last thing... super easy dessert!
Baby Shower Trifle
~Pudding Mix (flavor of your choice, I usually use Vanilla. Made per box directions)
~Heavy Whipping Cream (whipped with powedered sugar and a little vanilla)
~Brownie Mix (made per directions on box)
~Fruit (fresh or frozen... although fresh is better)

Just layer the already made ingredients as follows:
Brownie, Pudding, Fruit, Whipping Cream and continue that pattern until your dish is full ending with Whipping Cream on top.

*For some fun (and to tie in the colors) I dyed the pudding blue with food dye and I marbled the whipping cream with yellow food coloring.
** To get the little swirls on the top I just put some whipping cream in a ziploc bag and cut a tiny tip off one of the bottom corners. You can also achieve this look with a frosting piping bag.

More from Hungary

Just had to do a little fun re-cap of our Hungary Trip with lots of food and fun faces! I miss that wonderful city and all its wonderful people! I am just dying to take a trip again and have been pestering Peter to consider London but he is responsible and recognizes when we need to stay home... I think that is why we are so good for eachother because he has a brain and I do not (most of the time). Hehe.

Hope you enjoy these ones! {and to see more check out our other blog!}