Thursday, October 2, 2008

I love Cardboard!

Wow, I must say, I have been on a roll lately with blogging! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the Bloglight for this month - last night I was really busy making this cute little guy!!! I now understand why little children could have so much more fun with a box than the actual toy that came inside the box. 

I made Horton here from a refrigerator box. (However, I was informed that refrigerators no longer come in "boxes" it is more like they are fully wrapped in cardboard... I don't really know the difference but there you have it!) 

I was so excited about him! 

You can't totally tell from the picture but I used his cute little face
 from his book (the picture is on one of the first pages if you want to grab the book to compare...) I even gave him a little clover too! The clover was cuter in my mind but it works. 

He and his little fishy friends are going to be perfect! I am thinking that I could make the fish into a mobile afterwards too, if my sister-in-law likes them. 

Do the fish with big bright colored circles like the ones here on Martha Stewart's website under "The Modern Baby Shower"
So a basic "how-to" on the cardboard figures would be to simply find a picture of the item you want to make (it could be a giant baby bottle, a Noah's Ark, a dinosaur, or even for halloween you could do a big moon with a witch flying across it!) Then do your very best to free hand the picture onto the cardboard just lots bigger than the picture in your book. {If you can figure out how to do it you could blow a picture of your figure up HUGE and use that to trace it onto cardboard but then that takes all the fun and creativeness out of things!} Once you have the basic outline of your shape cut it out with a box cutter. 

Paint it with your basic solid color (a few coats) and then I just used a permanent marker to make the black outlines! You can get as detailed or as simple as you desire! Just have fun and experiment with it and see how things turn out! 

Next to come: GIANT Dr. Seuss books!  


karlee said...

wow! You are seriously amazing at what you do. I think I am craft and creative then I come over to your blog and am blown away. That is going to be the cutest baby shower ever! Hands down. You have one lucky sister in law

Half of the Style Sisters said...

How amazing are you! I love these Dr. Suess characters that you have created. You are one talented girl!! Love you

The Marvelous Mrs. Miller said...

Wow! You are just too amazingly talented! How fun!

Mike and Hilary said...

Madeline, I don't know if you remember me but we played club volleyball together for a while. I was Hilary Schram from Santa Clara! I found your blog from Kenna's. You did an amazing job with the decoration for her baby shower. How are things going? I noticed you are having a baby, how exciting and when did you get married?


Hey Madeline!! I found your blog on Megan's.
I love your blog! You are super cute and extremely creative!!

Kim said...

This is absolutely darling! I am a huge fan of Dr Suess and now I want someone to have a baby so I can follow your lead!